Deadly Race

Deadly Race

A racing game where you drive your car and destroy your opponents using weapons
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Deadly Race, as its name implies, is a game where you drive your favourite car and destroy the opponents using weapons.
If you are interested in playing a free racing game, Deadly Race is the perfect one. It is easy to install even for novice PC users, because it doesn't require any additional components or programs to run it.

The graphic interface of the game menu has a simple design because it doesn't provide special effects, but at the same time it includes all you need to start a new race.
The Main Menu is composed of several buttons, which let you quickly start a new race, configure the game options or view how to play the game.

Once you enter your desired name, you are able to start a new race. With each won race, more maps and powerful cars will come available.

Once the color of the traffic light becomes green, you will start the race and you will be really impressed about how the car behaves on the ride. The background of the game appears like a ghost town, and the darkness increases the mystery. The control of the car is amazing, every turn provides suspense, and the action of the game becomes more attractive when you try to destroy the opponent's cars.

It is an addictive game which can be recommended for anyone because it provides a lot of fun and action.

Josephine Seaman
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  • easy control of the car
  • provides a lot of fun


  • video options are not provided
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